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I'm Amanda Rose. Founder of the Dating Boutique™ and your dating bestie.

I started the Dating Boutique™ in 2012 and since then have expanded into multiple other businesses within the dating industry. A simple idea from a bad divorce blossomed into the life and man of my dreams. I went from broke single mom to a celebrity matchmaker working with top clients nationwide and named one of the top dating coaches in the world. After a divorce and choosing all the wrong men I went to work to find the secret in manifesting your dream life, attracting high quality dates & finding the one. I love that I now get to teach singles the exact same secrets to date successfully and find your dream partner. The same exact secrets I used to call in my man.

Ready to start designing your life and attracting high quality dates? Let's get started! I'm going to show you how simple it can be to create the life of your dreams and call in the one you want to spend forever with.

Don't let another minute pass without taking a step to create the life you've only dreamed of. How would it feel to wake up next to the man of your dreams every day?

It's time to stop wasting time & energy on dates that aren't getting you anywhere. It's time to focus on what really matters and getting to that end result of falling madly in love. It's time to meet high quality, intelligent, attractive men.